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Breaking Point The Book - (Digital Download Only)

Breaking Point The Book - (Digital Download Only)

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“Breaking Point” the book is an original collection of poetry, essays, and quotes written by Kira J. Each chapter focuses on a different stage of the toxic relationship cycle; The Connection, The Confusion, and The Confessions. The goal after reading this book is for everyone to reach their breaking point with something in their life that is holding them back. Whether it’s that job that you hate that you were supposed to quit but never did. That friend that you know is not really your friend but you still hang out with. And especially that terrible partner that you were supposed to break up with a long time ago but couldn’t bring yourself to leave. It’s time to break the cycle. The breaking point is coming! 


Part of the trilogy of art by Kira J

Breaking Point The Movie

Breaking Point The book

Breaking Point the album *coming soon*


This is only a digital download of breaking point the book. If you would like a physical copy you could order that here 

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